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Giving Back

We are only as successful as the growth we help create.

As a local, privately-held company with deep roots in our community, Option 1 Staffing is extremely passionate about not only the success of our organization and the people we serve, but also the success of the people in our community.

Option 1 Staffing is proud to support four community organizations in our area, 100 Women Foundation, Job Train, Daughters of Charity and our local Los Altos High School’s Haiti Solidarity Club .

100 Women Foundation is a small, yet highly effective foundation committed to inspiring, educating, and increasing the number of women involved in philanthropy in an effort to strengthen our community. They do this by providing funds and assistance to organizations involved in helping solve social issues that are important to women.

JobTrain is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational and training institution accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Each of JobTrain’s programs combines vocational training, academics, and essential skills development, preparing students to turn their lives around—from unemployment and poverty to success and self-sufficiency. Strong partnerships with employers ensure that students receive the training they need for employment so that businesses can find motivated workers who are well trained for their jobs. For almost 50 years, JobTrain has been adapting to meet current employment needs. Since its inception, more than 185,000 low-income individuals and their families have benefited from JobTrain’s programs.

The Daughters of Charity Health System (DCHS) is a regional health care system of six hospitals spanning the California coast from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles. Our sponsors are the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul who, for more than 375 years, have been serving the sick and those living in poverty through healing ministries worldwide. Option 1 Staffing and Daughters of Charity, Redwood City partner every year at Christmas time for the annual Rosalie Render Toy Drive. These children live well below the poverty line and look to external resources to fill basic needs. Option 1 strives to be a small part of the solution to break the cycle of poverty and bring a little joy to the Rosalie Render Center children.

Los Altos High School’s Haiti Solidarity Club goal is to use the power of education to improve the quality of life for the poorest members of the Haiti community and instill pride and hope for a better future. The SOPUDEP School serves more than 800 low-income children from prekindergarten through 12th grade. The Los Altos High club is actively involved in supporting the school by learning about Haitian culture, history and politics and engaging the Los Altos community in their cause. The connection between Los Altos High and SOPUDEP began in 2010 when students sought ways to help with relief efforts after an earthquake devastated the Caribbean nation.